Our First, Most Cherished Liberty – a statement on religious liberty by the USCCB Adhoc Committee on Religious Liberty.

“We are Catholics. We are Americans. We are proud to be both, grateful for the gift of faith which is ours as Christian disciples, and grateful for the gift of liberty which is ours as American citizens. To be Catholic and American should mean not having to choose one over the other. Our allegiances are distinct, but they need not be contradictory, and should instead be complementary. That is the teaching of our Catholic faith, which obliges us to work together with fellow citizens for the common good of all who live in this land. That is the vision of our founding and our Constitution, which guarantees citizens of all religious faiths the right to contribute to our common life together.” Read More

Articles of Interest

 Pope Francis and Religious Freedom (a collection of quotes)

Justice Alito Warns of ‘Ominous Sign’ for Religious Liberty

Religious Freedom – the most basic human right

Religious freedom is the most basic human right. The ability of individuals and institutions to live and operate according to their faith has been coming under attack for years in our nation. Some commentators have even stated that “freedom of religion” – the ability to live one’s faith in his/her daily life – is slowly being minimized to the right of “freedom to worship” – the ability to worship as defined by one’s faith, but not to practice and actually live that faith out in our society.

What is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act? Why is it so Important to Religious Freedom?

When the United States Supreme Court upheld the right of the Holly Lobby Corporation not to provide contraceptive coverage under their corporate insurance policy, as required by the Affordable Care Act, it cited the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The court did not base its decision on the First Amendment. The federal RFRA law, and those that exist in many states – including Connecticut – will come to play a more central role in the fight to maintain religious freedom in our nation. Many people are unaware of these laws and the importance they play in securing religious freedom. The articles below provide the necessary background on RFRA laws in our country.

Hobby Lobby 101: Explaining the Supreme Courts Ruling

What You Should Know About the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

State Religious Freedom Restoration Acts