The church’s teaching against abortion is consistent throughout the centuries to help end confusion caused by misrepresentations of Catholic Church teaching on abortion by pro-abortion politicians the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, issued a very informative two-page fact sheet about the historical view of abortion throughout the history of the Church. Click here to read the fact sheet.

Conference Releases Annual Connecticut Abortion Report

   The Conference’s  thirteenth annual abortion report “The State of Abortion in Connecticut” is now available. The report examines current abortion trends in the state using the most current data available.  Additionally, it provides information on two special topics. The first is an examination of the current abortion laws in Connecticut in light of the current national debate concerning laws in other states, such as Texas and Mississippi.  The second is an update on the impact of the new state law, passed during the 2021 legislative session, aimed at the advertising of pro-life pregnancy care centers.

 Click here to view and print the report

Latest Polling On Abortion in the United States

“Majority Of Americans Support Abortion, Poll Finds — But Not Later In The Pregnancy” – Forbes – June 25, 2021

“Americans’ Opinions on Abortion” – January 2021 – Marist/KofC Poll – Three quarters of Americans, including a majority who identify as prochoice, want significant restrictions on abortion.

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The Safe Haven Law enables a distressed parent to anonymously leave an infant at any hospital emergency room without fear of prosecution for abandonment, up to 30 days after birth. The purpose of this law is to protect newborns from harm and possible death due to abandonment. It encourages the distressed parent to seek a safe and caring environment for the child. Learn More >

Attack on Connecticut Pro-Life Pregnancy Resource Centers

ABC Women’s Center, Middletown

The Connecticut Catholic Conference is gravely concerned about slanderous and misleading statements made by NARAL against pregnancy resource centers in Connecticut. The attack, which started in 2015 and continues today, is part of a national campaign initiated several years ago by the national NARAL organization, with the support of other abortion advocacy groups. Unfortunately, during the 2021 legislative session the General Assembly adopted legislation aimed at pro-life pregnancy resource centers. The legislation was supposedly passed to address misleading advertising by these centers, all though no proof was presented that this was indeed occurring.  In 2018, the City of Hartford did implement an ordinance aimed at pregnancy resource centers which was supported by NARAL

The primary goals of the NARAL campaign are 1) to deter women from seeking assistance at pregnancy resource centers, which do not offer abortion services or make abortion referrals, and 2) to obtain the enactment of laws that infringe on the centers’ freedom to operate. Through the continuing pronouncement of skewed and biased information, that creates an extremely negative image of pregnancy resource centers in Connecticut, NARAL CT hopes to put pregnancy resource centers out of business or severely impact their ability to operate. This campaign shows a true lack of concern for the thousands of women and children serviced by the centers.

Connecticut’s pregnancy resource centers offer support to pregnant women which is usually not available through any other service provider. These centers provide compassionate care to women facing unplanned pregnancies, including resources to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. NARAL CT wants the public to believe that pregnancy resource centers masquerade and advertise as full service women’s health clinics, but this is not the truth. Several centers do offer ultrasound services in accordance with state requirements, but our centers seek to be much more than a medical office to the women they serve and their children. Pregnancy resource centers in Connecticut are committed to serving their clients with integrity and compassion. A client is never charged for a service.

The distorted view of pregnancy resource centers, which is promoted by NARAL, is based on extremely biased research, and aimed to silence those who hold a different viewpoint on abortion. Unfortunately, if these slanderous efforts to discredit pregnancy resource centers are successful, many women and children stand to lose a vital means of support. Passage of the 2021 legislation, based on their slanted statements and research, will only help to erode this vital option for pregnant women in our state.