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What is the solution to difficult end-of-life situations?

Most people facing a devastating illness are usually seeking true compassion, loving care, family support and quality pain control. Instead of enacting a law that opens up a Pandora’s box of possible abuses, we as a society should work on refining the existing system of medical care to reflect the 1993 statement of the American [...]

Is physician-assisted suicide good public policy?

Many proponents of physician-assisted suicide believe that this procedure is a private personal matter and the state should allow individuals to end their lives if they so desire. The only problem with this thought process is that once a legislature enacts a physician-assisted suicide law, it impacts everyone. It now places the option of suicide [...]

Is physician-assisted suicide a recipe for abuse of the elderly?

The supporters would have you believe that there have been no complaints, but clearly the Washington and Oregon laws are a recipe for elder abuse.  The most obvious reason is due to a lack of oversight when the lethal dose is administered. For example, the law does not require a witness at the time of death; [...]

What is physician-assisted suicide?

Physician-assisted suicide occurs when a doctor writes a prescription for a patient who has a terminal illness and is told they have only six months to live. The patient then must have the prescription filled at a local pharmacy and self-administer the drug, which in most cases occurs at home.  The physician is almost never [...]