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Northwest Catholic High School


To protect, preserve and promote the rights and guarantee that children in Catholic schools are provided the public services to which they are entitled, to the fullest extent of the law.


The Connecticut Catholic Conference, through the Associate Director for Education, is committed to the mission of empowering Catholic school parents and the Catholic school community regarding their rights concerning the education of children attending Catholic schools and advocating on behalf of Catholic schools at the state legislature.

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The Office of Associate Director for Education of the Conference is solely dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of Catholic school communities at the state and local government levels.

Read our Goals for Educational Public Policy.

State Services offered to Catholic School Students:

School Nursing Services

Student Busing

State Programs That Benefit Catholic Schools

The Neighborhood Assistance Act  

School Security Grant Program

Tax Credits for Donations of Computers to Schools

Textbook Loan Program

Every Student Succeeds Act:

On December 10, 2015, President Barack Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which reauthorized and updated the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). This law affects private schools. Click here to read how.

Parents Alliance for Catholic Education (PACE)

ReDedfine Education News Articles

New York Times – Catholic School Page

USCCB Catholic Education Newsletter

Read about Pending State or Federal Legislation that affects Catholic Schools

Visit the Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference website.

News Update

The 2017 Session of the Connecticut General Assembly resulted in a few, but very important, victories for Catholic schools.  Most importantly, despite increasing pressure to end in-town student transportation for nonpublic schools, the Connecticut Catholic Conference successfully lobbied to maintain the mandate.   With state and local budgets strained these past few years, this is a colossal win.  Additionally, a voluntary inter-district student transportation pilot program was launched in a few municipalities.  At the end of the session, the Conference was able to negotiate an amendment that allows Catholic High Schools to issue work permits for their students.

In national news, an effort to achieve a federal tax-credit scholarship program is gaining momentum.  Please follow #EdTaxReform50 for more updates and information.

Offices of Catholic Schools for Each Diocese

Archdiocese of Hartford Office of Catholic Schools

Diocesan Catholic Schools – Diocese of Bridgeport

Diocesan Catholic Schools – Diocese of Norwich

There are 113 Catholic schools in Connecticut that educate 28,534 students each year.

Catholic school students save the taxpayers of Connecticut over $400 million a year.