Stop Harmful Title IX Revisions Now!

Tell Attorney General Tong to Halt Title IX Revisions

   On August 1st the Biden Administration, through a new federal regulation, will completely reorder natural law and set our country down a ruinous path for young women. Unless action is taken, the ability of women to compete in fair athletic  competitions will be extinguished. The changes go beyond sports. All students and parents will be required to accept the new gender ideology, even if it conflicts with their faith.

Learn more about the problems with the Title IX revisions here.

Fourteen states will not have to comply with the new Title IX regulations because federal courts have ruled them arbitrary and capricious and an abuse of regulatory authority. Shouldn’t Connecticut become the 15th state?  Our Attorney General should take action.  

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Pope Francis: Gender ideology is the ugliest danger of our time

Pope Francis has long expressed the Church’s opposition to gender identity ideology. An ideology not only in opposition to the natural law of God, but also not supported by natural science.  

   The Pontiff warned that transgenderism is one of the “most dangerous ideological colonization.” Pope Francis reiterated his opposition to transgenderism on March 2023 to an Argentinian newspaper, La Nacion. He warned that it is a dangerous ideology” and argued that its proponents are naïve if they believe they are on the path to progress. Gender ideology, today, is one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations. Why is it dangerous? Because it blurs differences and the value of men and women.”
   Addressing participants in March 2024 at the international Symposium, “Man-Woman: Image of God.” Pope Francis described so-called gender ideology as the “ugliest danger” of our time, because it cancels out all differences that make humanity unique. To cancel these differences “is to erase humanity. Man and woman, instead, exist in a fruitful ‘tension,'” he said.


Vatican repudiates ‘Doctrine of Discovery’ used to justify colonialism after demands from Indigenous peoples

The Vatican Dicasteries for Culture and Education and for Promoting Integral Human Development released a Joint Statement on March 30, 2023 on the “Doctrine of Discovery.”  The Joint Statement is yet another step in expressing concern and pastoral solicitude for Native and Indigenous peoples who have experienced tremendous suffering because of the legacy of a colonizing mentality. We welcome the statement’s renewed repudiation and condemnation of the violence and injustices committed against Native and Indigenous peoples, as well as the Church’s ongoing support for their dignity and human rights.  As the Joint Statement points out, there were times when Christians, including ecclesiastical authorities, failed to fully oppose destructive and immoral actions of the competing colonial powers.  

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Catholic Teaching on Racism in Our Country

The issue of racism is prominent in the current discourse about our nation and the call for equality and respect. On November 14, 2018, long before the current social crisis, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops realized a pastoral letter on racism.

We encourage you to read Open Wide Our Hearts -the enduring call to love

Connecticut Catholic Bishops Release Pastoral Letter entitled “Respect Life Month” 2020 and the 25th Anniversary of “The Gospel of Life”

November 20th, 2020|

  Connecticut Catholic Bishops Release Pastoral Letter entitled “Respect Life Month” 2020 and the 25th Anniversary of “The Gospel of Life” October 18, 2020       The Bishops’ letter addresses the important role Catholic teaching places on the value of [...]

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