The Trump administration’s new regulations concerning Title X funding has resulted in Planned Parenthood organizations nationwide, including in Connecticut, to refuse to accept any further Title X funds. Planned Parenthood of Southern New England (PPSNE), which operates seventeen centers in Connecticut and one in Rhode Island, announced their plans to refuse funding on July 19th.   Their reasoning was focused on two provisions of the new rules, which were established to insure compliance with existing federal law that prohibits federal funds from being used to support abortions: 1) The establishment of separate facilities in which abortions would be performed and 2) restricting direct referrals for abortions.

In Connecticut this means the lose of approximately $2.1 million.  However, it is important to note that PPSNE is extremely financially sound with over $12 million in investments and millions of dollars in operating surplus each year. Despite their solid financial position, and ignoring the needs of other vital social service organizations struggling for funding, PPSNE has convinced the Senate Democrats to request that state tax dollars be found to make up for the funding they are refusing to accept.  The very idea that women need the Planned Parenthood organization, never mind taxpayer funding to keep their doors open, was clearly highlight in “Women Don’t Need Planned Parenthood to Get Affordable Care”.

Listen to Chris Healy, Executive Director of the Connecticut Catholic Conference, discussed the Conference’s position this issue during a recent radio interview.